About Us.

Welcome to our web site. On this site we have various things that are of interest to us. We will post some pictures of our travels. We have been to Mexico many times and can recall what it was like to be in a new culture with a new language and new customs. We found a very nice people. Some day we hope to have some rental property in Mexico. Rental vacation property interests us.


We have some really good roller pigeons. They are really good in our eyes, but then so are our kids. We plan to have some good ideas and links here that are strictly for the birds. I have some plans for an excellent pigeon loft.


I believe Mexico is the finest place in the world. I have many pictures of it and some good information on traveling in Mexico.

Photo Albums.

We love taking photos. There are many albums, some are from Mexico, others are from Canada, still others are of wild life. Enjoy them.

  Some of my favorite pages.

Pigeon Loft

How to build


Roller pigeons


Mistery of doors


Amor de mi vida