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pigeon loft plans

Here is a good little loft. It works very well for me. It is a spin of a loft that I have found on the Internet. It is inexpensive to build, well ventilated and works well for up to 15 pairs of rollers. I keep my breeders to about 10 -12 pairs because during the summer rains when it gets very humid the floor gets wet and I prefer to keep it dry. The ventilation works very well with no drafts on the pigeons or their nests. There is included 2 kitboxes and a spare kitbox that I use for starting youngsters and some times separating adults. I had step by step photos, but I lost them, I will draw the plans out for my loft and you are welcome to use them as is or try this site for more ideas.

Step #1.
Using 2x4 studs frame the pigeon loft floor, the outside dimensions are 6ft.wide x 7ft. 11 1/4" inches.
pigeon loft plans
Make sure the 2x4's are placed on edge. It will make the floor much stronger. Using 24" centers will prove to be strong enough. Then cover the floor with 5/8 tongue and grove OSB board. It is specially made for sub floors. Trim it carefully so that non protrudes past the joists.
Step #2.
Cut 4 sheets of 3/8 OSB wall sheeting to 6ft-6in. Using a square and a friend screw the plywood to the sides of the floor flush with the bottom. I used 2" drywall screws for this. Next bevel 2-8ftx2x4's 63.5 or 18.5 degrees depending upon the way your saw reads angles. Fasten these to the top of the wall as in the following drawing. Screw from the outside with 2" drywall screws about every 6-8". pigeon loft plans

You are now ready to frame the door. I used an old wooden house door. I cut it down to 61" high, now you might want to adjust the wall height and the door height I did hit my head twice and both times were .... well a sore head. Cut two studs to fit between the floor and the beveled 2x4's and fasten them into place allowing 1/8" of space on the sides of the door. Next cut a header 2x4 that is 1/4' longer than the door is wide. Fasten this 1/4" higher than the door is tall. Make sure every thing is true, straight and square. From the out side using 2" screws fasten the wall to the door studs.

pigeon loft plans pigeon loft plans