Mi Amigo Pedro

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In Bucerias near a big tree that had big beautiful yellow flowers on it, we met Pedro a very nice Mexican who carved coconut shells for a living. He did a very good job and left me envious of his peaceful life style.

Here are some of his carvings and a close up of the rest of his table. Pedro's life was such that he did not need to mass produce his wares or even to push selling them. He used old fashioned hand tools and loved doing his artwork. He demonstrated his hand saw.

As he sat and carved he had a flock of chickens that kept him company. He would throw them a little food now and then. They were classy looking birds I tell you.

That white one has it really good... I mean he rules the roost... you could say he has something to crow about.

May I introduce my friend Pedro:

Carvings Mexico
Pedro sat under this beautiful tree

Mexican carvings
Pedro proudly displays his work.

Mexican carvings
Coconut earings.

Mexican carvings
Unusual necklaces.

Mexican carvings
Pedro displays his tools.

Mexican carvings
His chickens.

Mexican carvings
That white rules the roost.

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