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Hi, We have been incredibly fortunate to discover Mexico. I can remember the first time that we came to Mexico. Hmmm. Well Spanish was a big problem, but the friendly people made it a lot easier. There is a very good free Spanish lesson at duolingo. The first time that we came to Mexico we fell in love with it's easy life style and wonderful people. But I must say the noise takes some getting used to. It is best to bring earplugs. We fondly remember a night that a rooster serenaded us. He kept crowing all night only to be replaced by a howling dog at daybreak. It wasn't funny at the time, but we are laughing right now. We love the warm Mexican sunshine, the beaches, the markets where really good deals can be found and the food. In Mazatlan there is a little road side food stand near the centro that sells papas(baked potatoes). They come stuffed with meat, cheese and onion. They are served with as much hot sauce, guacamole sauce and salsa sauce, as you would like. If you are in the center (el centro) of Mazatlan this is a must try.... you'll be back.
We learned use a good sunscreen. The best we have found is Umbrelle. A 30 strength works well for us.