Our City


The city of Champions

fall colors
January brings a certain freshness. This is the average high temperature during January.

cold in alberta
Too cold. Even Old Frosty is heading South.

fall colors
These little apples will fall all winter long feeding wild bunnies.

moutain pictures
Jack Frost the master decorator, wouldn't you agree?

house in snow
The beauty of a fresh snowfall. No grass to cut :)

bird bath in the snow
A cold bath anyone.

snow bound roads
Driving becomes a challenge.

snow on patio
I still BBQ all winter :)

winter scene
This school yard infront of our home has many vistors, to name a few; coyotes, porcupines, geese, ravens, many rabbits. There are more pictures of it.

In the school yard a coyote has found something to eat.

In the urban wilderness. Wildlife often slips by un-noticed.

coyote eating apples
I took this picture out my front door, only ten feet from this coyote.

city wildlife
A raven swooping in for dinner.

city wildlife
The raven was lucky.

snow bound roads
End of March snowfall. It is a level field and the drifts are about 12ft. tall.

Edmonton church
This is a beautiful church overlooking Edmonton's river valley.

winter scene
Edmonton looking from the river valley.

cold in alberta
Another view of Edmonton from the river valley.

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