Reverse Osmosis Water:

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This article is about salt water aquarium water. To be more exact it is about reverse osmosis water and how I setup my system for a lot less. It is an easy do it yourself project and as a bonus it is not very expensive.

I bought my unit at HD and it comes as a complete kit for DIY type installs. It sells in the USA for $147 and a different one is available in Canada for $195 also at HD. The Canadian one is smaller at approximately 5 gal per day verses 9+gallons for the USA model.

I presently am only running my blue lights to help keep an algae bloom under control. There are millions of bubble algae in my tank. Here is a photo of the worst parts. I also have some hair algae in my tank. The reverse osmosis water should take care of it too.

Bubble algae
Bubble algae

Hair algae
Below are pictures of both boxes:

reverse osmosis filter
The Canadian filter and was in HD for $195

reverse osmosis filter
The USA reverse osmosis filter that I bought. It was $147.

There are various parts and hoses, enough for a simple install.

I had a problem with the water supply. It was made for a 1/4" supply but in Canada you can commonly find 3/8" supply shut of valves but not 1/4". I went to HD and bought a straight pex by 3/8OD(outside diameter) tube shut of valve and a 3/8" OD by 3/8" MIP (male iron pipe thread) and changed out the adaptor on the unit. Use Teflon tape and a lot of care not to over tighten. I also bought extra 3/8" OD pressure tube (it might be used for dish washer supply) to reach our kitchen sink.

watts connector

I use a nylon ferrule instead of the metal one. I have never had a leak using one, but I have had some nasty leaks with the brass ferrules one plastic pipe. It is pictured above.

We have a cast iron sink and I will need to drill a 1.5" hole in it. It would be much simpler if I had an extra hole for a vegetable spray. I will be drilling it tomorrow.

I have drilled the sink. It was rather easy, it just was some effort to get a drill for steel. Wear safety glasses, remember you only have one pair of eyes and no replacements.

drilling castiron sink
Installing the faucet was easy. I followed the instructions which were very clear and explained the project well. I chose the option of installing the filters in the basement. It saved cabinet space and is right next to a floor drain, a little water spills when servicing.

New kitchen faucet

air gap

air gap
I installed a p-trap special for the filter. I cut it at a steep angle and screwed the drain tube in it. This gives me a 1" air gap as required by my codes. Here are some close up photos. A 1" air gap means the little hose has to be 1" above the flood level of the fixture, in this case the stand pipe that is cut at 45 degrees.

air gap
Remember to support the tube well.

A word of caution Follow all safety requirements, if you are not sure consult a safety professional.
Follow your local plumbing codes.

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